Innovative strategies with measurable impact

At Next Generation Consultants, our core focus is social innovation. Our goal is to address economic, social and environmental challenges for our client organisations, while ensuring measurable impact and return on investment.

Industry research

Analysing research outcomes, helping clients understand, anticipate and respond to fast-changing contexts.

Reviews, comparative research and benchmarking of industries and companies

Ensuring the competitiveness of our clients.

Baseline studies, due diligence, socio-economic and perception surveys, social impact, opportunity and management assessments

Assessing and researching extensive ranges of socio­economic data; integrating global and national development priorities into the research; assisting with development and performance management processes and systems.

Social innovation strategies

Assisting clients with innovative and sustainable business models.

Social investment strategies

Ensuring high impact and return on investment development models.

Impact investment strategies

Measuring the impact and return on investment of impact investments.

Circular economy strategies

Empowering communities, enhancing sustainable livelihoods and developing beneficiation models.

Shared value strategies

Presenting innovative and inclusive business models that deliver equal value to business and society.

Social capital strategies

Creating and enhancing social capital in the contexts where our clients operate.

Human rights management strategies

Assessing country and sector risks, benchmarking human rights practices, testing perceptions, reviewing and conducting due diligence of existing processes and systems, determining risks and impacts of products, services and relationships.

Stakeholder management strategies

Working across the entire stakeholder management process, from stakeholder identification and engagement to analysis and reporting.
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The Investment Impact IndexTM determines and analyses impact across the development value chain, indicating the value created and change facilitated through investment and development.
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Continuous professional development, master classes and tailored inhouse training

Our accredited courses are recognised for continuous professional development (CPD).