A company can only be effective if it knows why it does what it does – what it hopes to achieve, what impact it aims to have.

Next Generation uses the Theory of Change methodology to help clients clearly define their goals. Then we use those goals to determine what needs to be done to achieve them in their particular context.

In the same way that we use the theory of change to develop strategy and then facilitate, implement and manage change for our clients, we use it to guide our own work. It helps us to think honestly about why we’re doing what we’re doing and see the bigger picture of what we intend to achieve.

This level of detail helps us assess the feasibility of our goals at various stages. Our theory of change is a tool that helps us plan and evaluate our goals but also measure our results.

We aim to achieve three main goals:

We want to be the most recognised, valuable and credible management consultancy in Africa.
We want to be a trusted partner for our clients.
We want to deliver innovative, scalable and measurable shared value for our clients.

The image below shows how we intend to achieve our goals. Our theory of change is shown in terms of the impact, outcomes, activities and input that would enable us to be what we set out to be:
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Theory of Change