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Our fans

We deeply appreciate our fans, followers and supporters. Over the years we’ve built up a special relationship with these people:

Madichaba Molete

Probably the biggest promoter and supporter and friend of Next Generation’s projects, Madichaba Molete regularly comments and provides feedback on our work.

Madichaba works in the Transformation Programmes unit at the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs. As part of her work, she monitors the mainstreaming of gender, youth and disabilities issues in local government and provides support where there are challenges. Madichaba is an exemplary example of how the private and public sector can work together and support each other.

Mara E. Glennie
MBP, CBL, CPRP, Fellow Institute of Directors of South Africa

Mara Glennie has been a supporter of Next Generation Consultants for a number of years, in particular as an avid reader and contributor to Next Generation’s annual research report.

She has been a crusader for social issues over the past four decades and the driving force and facilitator behind numerous development conventions and training initiatives.

Mara founded a non-profit organisation called the TEARS Foundation (Transform Education About Rape and Sexual Abuse) after experiencing personal trauma. Survivors of rape and abuse need help to timeously reach a specialist care facility and this is the arena in which her foundation works. TEARS has initiated an easy way in which people can access the support they need, should these circumstances occur.

Warren Lucas is an enthusiastic fan and follower of Next Generation Consultants and believes in the power of working together, forming a network of people who can assist one another. He supports Next Generation’s work in effecting positive change in the lives of people and communities at large.

Warren is a PhD candidate in public health and family medicine at the University of Cape Town, a research scientist at the South African Medical Research Council and an associate lecturer in sport, recreation and exercise science at the University of the Western Cape and Exercise Teachers Academy in Cape Town.

He is the founder of the Sport and Recreation Management Project, the president of the Cape Town Gymnastics Association and the youth coordinator of the Foundation for Sport, Development and Peace. Warren is passionate about using sport as a vehicle for health, wellness and community development in an effort to improve quality of life for all.

Beate Rossudowski is an international business consultant who specialises in online visibility and marketing. She shares a passion and vision with Next Generation to make businesses and business owners financially successful.

Beate is a great fan of Next Generation Consultants. She attends our functions, promotes our work and regularly comments on social media. Beate does this because she believes every business owner needs someone who has their best interests at heart.

Beatrix (Bibi) Bouwman
Director: Sustainability and Community Impact (SCI), North-West University, South Africa.

NWU has been a client of Next Generation Consultants for many years, and Bibi is a committed supporter of our work.

Bibi is a change agent at the university and in the sector as chair of SAHECEF. She is passionate about sustainable community development, enabling communities to achieve impact that does not impede on the opportunities of future generations to do the same.

Her team focuses on planning and supporting real impact by creating new ways of living, thinking and educating future generations. Bibi and her team specialise in impact measurement and share Next Generation’s passion to build the capacity of the social investment and development sectors.

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