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Social innovation

Next Generation’s primary focus is on social innovation, a model of innovation squarely geared towards addressing the most pressing economic, social and environmental challenges in a way that contributes to the success of the business, the environment and the communities in which it operates. Our objective is to create shared value for all stakeholders that can be measured in a collective, comprehensive and integrated way.

We help our clients effectively navigate sustainable development through a process of social innovation.

Over the past two decades, Next Generation has developed world-class proprietary integrated approaches to service delivery that help our clients differentiate their organisations through best practice research, strategies and performance management activities.

Our approach to social innovation is underpinned by a belief that strategy and sustainable development are inextricably linked, and we view impact assessment as a systematic inquiry based on data and evidence to facilitate intentional learning and continuous improvement.

We help funders, investors and social purpose organisations strengthen their ability to address persistent, complex and challenging social issues.

What our clients say about us:

Working with Next Generation is very rewarding, but very challenging. If you are not ready to have your views interrogated; and feel offended when the way you do things are questioned, then this is not the agency for you. Reana Rossouw pushes you as a client, as much as she pushes herself and her team, to make sure we are delivering the absolute best for those people in South Africa that we are trying to serve.

— Charlene Lackay
MMI Holdings, Group CSI Manager

The company and its leader are internationally renowned as principled, innovative and highly professional always providing services that are value for your money and at the forefront of its field of expertise.

— Bibi Bauwman
North West University

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