Next Generation offers human rights management services. This entails assisting clients to meet and exceed global standards. We provide this service to all business sectors in South Africa and the rest of Africa, and we serve global and multinational businesses as well.


The definition of human rights depends on the context. In general, it refers to the moral norms that describe standards of human behaviour. This is protected by international covenants and law. It refers to personal rights, including freedom of speech and movement.

In a business context, the commitment to uphold, protect, enhance and manage these rights refers to due diligence. Next Generation’s human rights management strategies are thorough, and developed with circumspection. Inhouse capacity is also created within each business. This requires an in-depth process, and each campaign has a checklist.

  1. We start by assessing country and sector risks. In a democracy, each individual has the right to live with dignity. Every region comes with its own challenges. We make sure that we understand each unique landscape to identify areas of impact and risk, as well as opportunities to enhance human rights.
  2. Next, we benchmark human rights practices. Inclusivity, social and environmental impacts, risks and operational/strategic and stakeholder issues in a business have to be understood completely. We find out where your responsibilities lie.
  3. Testing perceptions is the next step. How are your business’s human rights practices perceived by the community and other stakeholders and rightsholder groups? We find out and report back.
  4. Then, we review and conduct due diligence. This requires the assessment of existing processes. Governance, compliance, standards, guidelines and frameworks also go under the microscope. We determine the risk and impacts of products. Services and relationships get the same treatment.

The South African Human Rights Act calls for the protection of all people and these rights are guaranteed by the constitution. Just as government has the responsibility to protect, every business has the responsibility to uphold, respect and enhance these rights. These obligations apply to foundations, institutions, government, the private sector and social purpose organisations. The importance of compliance goes beyond basic law abidance. It speaks to commitment, awareness and capacity-building in your company.

Want to read more? Here are links to human rights management articles on our website. For more detailed information, contact us. Every business is different. We are happy to provide examples of successful strategies, policies, frameworks, governance guidelines and campaigns. Our approach to your citizenship, sustainability and corporate social responsibility will be tailored to your needs.

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