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Next Generation is driven by an assured and unwavering pursuit of sustainable results. We provide hands-on formulation of solutions, working with our clients. We ensure transfer of skills through the process.
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Our areas of expertise:

Social innovation strategies

Next Generation helps companies strengthen their businesses strategically by leveraging their resources and building future markets and talent pipelines.

Our process includes:

  • research (to understand the context and identify opportunities)
  • engagement (to confirm our conclusions and identify synergies across the value chain)
  • collaborative development of solutions and agile testing (to ensure integration, alignment and adoption)
  • measurement of impact and return on investment

Social investment strategies

Next Generation enables organisations to create social capital through a process of social innovation, investment and development. Through research, engagement, assessment and development we ensure sustainable, high impact and return investment and development models that differentiate our clients from their peers.

We use proprietary frameworks, investment and development models, benchmarks and custom-developed tools. These are based on many years of experience, extensive research in best practices and alignment to global standards, guidelines and management assessments.

Investment impact strategies

Investment impact strategies are for those social investment clients that want to do more than just provide grants or donations to bring about systemic changes.

Next Generation helps companies with research, benchmarking and due diligence. As part of the process, we co-develop impact investment strategies and portfolios with the company and provide guidance and tools to measure the impact and the return on investment.

Circular economy strategies

Next Generation helps our clients empower communities, enhance sustainable livelihoods, develop beneficiation models (upstream as well as downstream), improve food security and develop environmental rehabilitation programmes. Our process includes research, engagement, developing, assessing and measuring to rethink products and services, using principles such as durability, renewability, reuse, repair, replacement and reduced material use across the value chain.

Shared value strategies

Next Generation integrates and aligns business strategies and objectives with social needs. We design strategies that deliver equal value to business and society. Our solutions provide increased profitability, improved market access, innovative new product and service design, market and sector differentiation and enhanced sustainability. We also conduct due diligence and risk assessments to ensure adoption and integration and we measure return on investment for society and industry sectors, as well as investors.

Social capital strategies

Companies are increasingly required to calculate and report on the impact of social capital created as part of their overall sustainability and integrated reporting efforts.

Next Generation helps companies to build, assess, calculate and enhance the social capital value created in the environments and societies in which they operate. This leads to better risk management, improved stakeholder engagement, reduced activism and an increase in trust between companies and communities.

Social enterprise and entrepreneurship strategies

Social enterprises are created with specific business objectives to solve social issues and deliver social benefit. Next Generation helps social entrepreneurs conduct research to identify opportunities and manage risks. We conduct due diligence and sustainability assessments to determine scalability and replicability of development approaches. We develop support packages and measure the impact and return on investment.

Human rights management strategies

Next Generation ensures that our clients in all sectors meet and exceed global human rights standards. Before we develop strategies and build in-house capacity for human rights management, we go through a process of

  • assessing country and sector risks
  • benchmarking human rights practices
  • testing perceptions
  • reviewing and conducting due diligence of existing processes, guidelines and frameworks determining risks and impacts of products, services and relationships

Stakeholder management strategies

Next Generation helps companies to transform their stakeholder engagement approaches by moving from communication and dialogue to strategic consultation and collaborative, inclusive and deep engagement that provides mutual value. We assist companies with stakeholder identification, analysis, engagement and reporting. We use an extensive range of engagement methodologies from personal interviews, focus groups and questionnaires to immersions, town hall meetings and perception surveys.