2023 Trends and Insights for the Humanitarian Sector

Insight: A Polycrises: A sector outpaced by global challenges, which are growing faster than we are applying solutions. Even where governments and business are starting to step up and do more, the nature of these challenges, which are exponential in the case of the climate crises – seem to escalate constantly. Download the report

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Strengthening the impact investor, philanthropist and social enterprise relationship

An Impact investor is often seen by many as an effective way to finance the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Much is made of the trillions of dollars invested each year by investors and how this cash could be utilised to transform the humanitarian sector. But there is still remains a lot of uncertainty on how effective impact investing …

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Aligning philanthropy and social development with Sustainable Development Goals

The adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations in 2015 has resulted in a seismic shift in the social development and humanitarian sectors. The 17 SDGs offer a blueprint that aims to align economic, social and environmental development. They are the most visionary development goals ever set and the intent behind the global goals is to mobilise …