CSI trends, forecasts and impacts

As part of our vision to increase impact and enhance value, Next Generation publishes an annual research study that focuses on the social investment and development industry trends.

In this study, we compare development practices globally and continentally. We use extensive research, literature reviews and personal interviews to provide insights on prevailing trends and forecast what the trends for the coming year may be.

These research reports are useful not only because they help organisations anticipate change, but also provide evidence of what works and what doesn’t. They provide insight into the future and what it means in practice for social, community investment and development practitioners in Africa.

Presentation Theme: Transformative Philanthropy

Insights - trends for the social investment and development sectors 2024 - 2025

Trends and Insights for the Humanitarian Sector

Trends and Scenarios: Preparing for a new future in the humanitarian ecosystem
Presentation Theme: Disruption with Impact

CSI Trends, Forecasts and Impacts Research Report - 2020

Historical trends

Have a look at the trends in our research reports from 2015 to 2018. You can see how the industry changed and continues to grow.
  • “Do what matters, do what is right, do it the right way.” – 2015
  • “Measurement leads to more giving. More giving leads to greater impact. Greater impact leads to sustainable development.” – 2016
  • “We cannot move forward to exponential change and impact until we get the basics right… As long as we can provide evidence of what we have achieved, we have made a difference and society is better off because of our efforts.” – 2017
  • “By working collaboratively, the sector can collectively harness the power of data and digital.” – 2018

Press releases

Diverse Hands in a circle
"The time has come for social purpose organisations to draw a line in the sand when it comes to accepting funds, creating policies and rolling out plans of action," says Reana Rossouw of Next Generation Consultants, a specialist management consultancy that focuses on impactful social innovation.
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Board with the word "Disruption" written on it
Globally, the development sector stands on the edge of a precipice, says Reana Rossouw, founder and owner of Next Generation Consultants, a specialist management consultancy focused on impactful social innovation.
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group of people standing in a circle holding a sign that says "change"
Across the globe humanitarian and social purpose organisations are grappling with an uncertain future. Not only is there less money to go around, the sector is becoming more crowded and competitive. In addition, funders, grantmakers, philanthropists and social/impact investors are looking for innovation and new ways of thinking that will bring about greater impact for the communities they aim to serve.
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2020 Research Report
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