What to expect from our presentations

As trainer and speaker at national and international events, Reana Rossouw does a fair number of presentations every year. Here you’ll find copies of presentations that demonstrate the crux of Next Generation’s contribution to the sector, as well as important issues for practical work in the social innovation space.

Next Generation developed the Investment Impact IndexTM to determine impact and return on investment of community/social investment programmes. Impact measurement is a crucial aspect of our work and you’ll find at least six presentations related to impact assessment. Knowing what works, and how and why it works, help us improve social investment programmes and strategies.

Other presentations deal with aspects of social innovation, social capital and community engagement.

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31st May 2016

Understanding social capital

Presentation delivered to MBA students about the importance of social capital. What it is, how to measure it, case studies and applications. How it is different to other capitals and what is happening in the field....

30th May 2016

Evidence of impact and return – 2015

This presentation was given at the Sustainable Brands Africa Conference in May 2016. It provides case studies and lessons learnt of conducting numerous impact assessments. It also provides advice of how to conduct impact assessments,...

man sitting in restaurant tapping on tablet
30th Oct 2014

Measuring impact and return on investment

How to measure the impact and return on investment of social/community investment and development. This presentation contains evidence of successful measurement and provides case studies of typical measurement aspects....