Next Generation Consultants is Africa’s foremost consulting service in the sustainable development space. We understand first-hand how difficult it is to find resources that explain complex processes and theories.

We would like to contribute to a body of knowledge that inspires and assists development practitioners to take their sustainability practices to the next level. We have therefore developed resources that provide an overview and insight into the “how to” of development practice.

The following infographic resources are available for free download:

Human rights impact assessment

A description of the tools companies can use to gain a better understanding of the potential impact of their actions, the relevant risks as well as stakeholders’ perceptions of risks to develop a human rights management plan.

Impact measurement infographic

An explanation of the important aspects before, during and after programmes to ensure that impact measurement helps companies clearly clarify their objectives, assesses what happened and determines whether a difference was made.

Strategic stakeholder engagement

An overview of stakeholder management processes to support and enhance stakeholder relationships across organisational value chains.

The grantmaking/social investment cycle

An overview of the entire grantmaking cycle for social investors, with the objective of developing best practice social investment portfolios and investment strategies.

Conducting human rights due diligence

An explanation of the process of due diligence in human rights practices, aiming to assist companies to identify stakeholders, implement human rights practices and evaluate the impacts of operations on stakeholders.

Monitoring and evaluation

Insights about the steps to follow to design and build a results-based monitoring and evaluation system for social development projects/programmes.

Impact and return on investment assessment

Focusing on assisting social and impact investors on how to conduct impact assessments and determine the return on investment (ROI) of investment and development projects.
Methodology Infographic

Our impact management and measurement framework

Methodology infographic

Our impact management process

Methodology infographic

How we map impact and return