20th Jul 2018

Social capital – its value and how to measure it

The newly revisited concept of social capital is now prominent in several fields of social science. For Next Generation Consultants, the concept became important with the introduction of the integrated reporting framework that requires c...

18th Oct 2017

How to conduct stakeholder engagement

Strategies and techniques for improving relationships in the value chain Companies globally are exposed to risk simply by engaging with other businesses, communities and governments. Companies are responsible for the products and service...

1st Jun 2016

Common mistakes in stakeholder engagement

takeholder management can be an effective risk management tool.  But simply engaging for purposes of reporting or compliance and governance underestimates the real value of stakeholder engagement.  These days companies issuing sustaina...

1st Jun 2016

Benefits and challenges of stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement is not a new concept. Recent reporting frameworks (GRI and IIRC) have however pushed the topic up the ladder of importance for companies, as it is a specific reporting requirement in order to develop and release su...

1st Jun 2016

Reporting on stakeholder engagement

Sustainability and integrated reporting guidelines and frameworks require in-depth reporting on stakeholder relationships and engagement activities.  However, it seems that companies are at a loss of how to engage, what to engage on, ho...

woman in front of laptop with "ideas" on screen
11th Jun 2015

Risk management and stakeholder engagement

Much has been said and written about best practice or effective stakeholder engagement. There are standards, guidelines and frameworks that govern stakeholder processes, and many consultants have advised on developing stakeholder managem...