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Stakeholder management

How stakeholder engagement improves community development projects and programmes

Engagement refers to the many ways in which companies connect with and involve stakeholders and the community in the development ...
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Sustainability practices, the environment and social relationships

Political agendas and shifts in international politics are impacting stakeholder engagement and management trends. Managing political, social and environmental risks ...
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Stakeholder engagement in Africa: Culture, risk and individual engagement

Stakeholder engagement in Africa can be a rewarding experience when the engagement process is customised based on individual stakeholder needs ...
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How to conduct stakeholder engagement

Strategies and techniques for improving relationships in the value chain Companies globally are exposed to risk simply by engaging with ...
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Impact, dynamics and differences in multifaceted stakeholder relationships

Engaging with diverse stakeholders Companies sometimes collaborate with several stakeholders in diverse fields because of the nature of their business, ...
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How human rights management reduces risk in the supply chain

Companies operating globally in sectors associated with higher stakeholder risk can benefit from a human rights management strategy. Case studies ...
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The importance of human rights management for business

A strategy for risk management and proactive stakeholder engagement Business has previously regarded the protection of human rights as a ...
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Community engagement 101

Presentation regarding stakeholder management for community relations, investment and development practitioners ...
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Trends in stakeholder reporting and stakeholder outcomes

Consultation tends to be a one-way flow of information where a company solicits input from stakeholder groups. Stakeholder dialogue is ...
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Common mistakes in stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder management can be an effective risk management tool.  But simply engaging for purposes of reporting or compliance and governance ...
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