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Social innovation

Executive Summary: Grantmaking & Social Innovation

Grantmaking: Executive Summary of research report 2017/2018: Reflections and insights from Africa regarding the social investment and development sectors ...
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Understanding the concept and value of social innovation

The term social innovation has been used in a number of ways. Some of the earliest references, dating back to ...
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In social investment, it’s now about hard evidence and measured impact (2018 CSI trends media release)

12 April 2018 Social and impact investors no longer just want to know that they’ve attempted to change the world ...
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Social sector needs to up its game to keep receiving financial support (2018 CSI trends media release)

12 April 2018 Today’s philanthropists, grantmakers, social and impact investors want more control over their giving and they want evidence ...
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Social investors now want to see impact, sustainability – and ROI (2018 CSI trends media release)

12 April 2018 Investing in social and developmental causes has become increasingly innovative lately, moving away from one-directional donations and ...
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Creating shared value – because companies cannot succeed in a failing society

Too many companies are still trapped in an outdated approach of focusing solely on short-term financial performance while mostly ignoring ...
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Let’s do social innovation rather than corporate social investment

Companies cannot be sustainable if the communities they depend on for future business are unsustainable. While this may sound as ...
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Implementing social innovation strategies at a systemic level: A wish list for 2018

Spring has officially sprung and we’re heading towards the planning phase for the forthcoming financial year. There is no better ...
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Social innovation: Contributor and driver of future value and capital

Even today, many development practitioners find it hard to prove the value (and the business case for that matter) that ...
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