Social capital
& Social value

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6th Nov 2019

Social value and return on investment

Lets talk about social return on investment Grantmakers, donors and philanthropists want nothing else, but to make an impact with their investments.  So do companies, foundations and trusts.  And – if you are a more commercially incl...

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6th Nov 2019

Social Innovation to Drive Shared Value

Social innovation is becoming a buzzword which is discussed around the world. There’s a surge in attention and government support for social development and social innovation, because it’s seen to be providing effective ways for addr...

20th Jul 2018

Social capital – its value and how to measure it

The newly revisited concept of social capital is now prominent in several fields of social science. For Next Generation Consultants, the concept became important with the introduction of the integrated reporting framework that requires c...

19th Oct 2017

Social capital – measuring the unmeasurable

"Social capital” as a concept is relatively new, multifaceted and imprecise. “Hard data” on what it is and how it should be measured is therefore not readily available. Companies often only report on the money they invest in commu...

31st May 2016

Social capital: What it is

What is social capital? It is “the glue that binds society together’’ and provides the opportunity for businesses to be purposefully involved in creating a sustainable future for their operations, communities, and society at large....