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Impact and ROI assessments & Investment Impact Index

Planning, managing and evaluating CSI initiatives

Three benchmark guidebooks for social investors and the development sector There is no denying that for those in corporate and ...
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A 21st Century methodology to evaluate CSI impacts and returns

The Investment Impact Index™ One of the biggest issues for the development sector in Africa is how to determine whether ...
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Investment Impact Index

A detailed impact assessment methodology developed by Next Generation Consultants for determining impact and return on investment for the grantmaking ...
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Measuring impact – and getting better at it

We started our impact journey in 2009. It is only through looking back that we realised how far we have ...
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Measuring the social impact and return on investment of development programmes – 2016

Getting better at understanding community/social investment programs and strategies. What works - how it works and why it works? ...
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Impact assessments: Lessons learned

This presentation follows on our previous work from measuring the impact and return on investment of social, community, enterprise development ...
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Evidence of impact and return – 2015

This presentation was given at the Sustainable Brands Africa Conference in May 2016. It provides case studies and lessons learnt ...
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Determining impact and return: How now?

How to measure the impact and return on investment of community/social programmes has plagued industry practitioners for a long time ...
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Determining the ROI of (corporate) community investment and development

Over the last 20 years (corporate) community involvement (CI) or corporate social investment and development (CSI) has evolved from an ...
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Measuring the social impact & ROI of CSI

Social and community investment and development programmes have become critically important for companies worldwide. As a result of the increasing ...
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