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Human rights management

Global trends in human rights management – business, globalisation and new regulations

Human rights are necessary in our modern world, as globalisation and injustice are factors that can impact business. What we ...
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How human rights management reduces risk in the supply chain

Companies operating globally in sectors associated with higher stakeholder risk can benefit from a human rights management strategy. Case studies ...
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The importance of human rights management for business

A strategy for risk management and proactive stakeholder engagement Business has previously regarded the protection of human rights as a ...
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Human rights and community development – an opportunity for integration and alignment

Human rights standards have become increasingly well-defined in recent years. Codified in international, regional and national legal systems, they constitute ...
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Integrating human rights management into business practice

Successful approaches in conducting human rights management in the world of work Human rights impact every individual and every stakeholder ...
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The challenge of integrating human rights practices in business management

"The intent of integration is to make respecting human rights part of the parameters within which business is conducted – ...
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Using effective indicators to measure progress on human rights management

The relevance of measuring, managing and reporting on business and human rights indicators cannot be overstated. Valid and reliable indicators ...
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A rightsholder approach to effective human rights management practices

In recent years, companies have made significant progress to understand, come to terms with and implement human rights practices. In ...
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Human rights impact assessments – the what, the why, the business case

An introduction and overview of human rights due diligence processes For large projects and multinational companies, impact assessment studies have ...
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Human rights management as part of a business strategy

“Formulating a specific corporate strategy on human rights and embedding this strategy in corporate policies is key to the successful ...
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