Corporate social
investment (CSI)
and Grantmaking

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8th Nov 2019

Rethinking the funding of NGOs

The Next Generation Research Report 2020, Disruption with Impact dived deep into how the development sector, and how the funding of NGOs, is changing. Some of the most significant pressures that organisations face is the demand to become...

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19th Jan 2016

Failing at grantmaking?

After conducting numerous impact assessments for some of South Africa’s largest donors and grantmakers, Next Generation Consultants came up with a list of contributing factors to low impact and low return aspects. In our search to buil...

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16th Mar 2015

Measuring the social impact & ROI of CSI

Social and community investment and development programmes have become critically important for companies worldwide. As a result of the increasing demand for robust corporate governance and an illustration of the “licence to operate”, gr...

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15th Mar 2015

Best practice in corporate social investment (CSI)

A well thought through, comprehensive, innovative and creative CSI programme can become a competitive differentiator for a company. A good CSI programme is no longer a nice-to-have, but rather a critical component of business success.  ...