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Corporate social investment (CSI) & Grantmaking

Planning, managing and evaluating CSI initiatives

Three benchmark guidebooks for social investors and the development sector There is no denying that for those in corporate and ...
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Dominant grantmaking trends in 2017: Assessing the year so far

Like any business or personal relationship, successful grantmaking is essentially about savvy expectation management. Whether it be the expectations of ...
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Research report: Executive summary, trends, forecasts and impacts

Extensive research report of trends, forecasts and impacts for the social investment and development sectors in Africa. Challenges, opportunities, impact ...
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Executive summary: Grantmaking and social innovation

Grantmaking: Executive Summary of research report 2017/2018: Reflections and insights from Africa regarding the social investment and development sectors ...
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Social investment trends, forecasts and impacts: 2017/2018

Grantmaking: Trends, forecasts and impacts - insights and reflections from Africa ...
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Community investment and development

This presentation follows on previous (2013, 2014, 2015) presentations and provides an overview of the latest trends as well insight ...
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Trends in corporate social investment and development – 2014/15

Introduction and background Over the past 10 years, Next Generation has analysed, reviewed, tracked and commented on the trends in ...
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The future of CSI – moving from ‘lite’ to ‘deep’

The following research findings focus on the future of corporate social investment (CSI) and include social change, governance and accountability, ...
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The perceptions of funders and grantmakers: Do you care?

Funders/donors and grantmakers are well-known for their ability to critically evaluate development organisations and intermediaries.  This due diligence forms an ...
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Managing risk: Community and social investment and development

Spending money is easy. Spending limited resources effectively and efficiently is extraordinarily difficult. Doing so in ways that please everyone ...
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