Our articles cover social innovation, social capital and social value, corporate social investment, grantmaking, human rights management, stakeholder management as well as impact assessments and ROI.

Article Categories

In corporate social investment (CSI) & grantmaking you’ll find articles covering aspects such as CSI and grantmaking best practice, measurement, impact and indicators of success.
In human rights management you’ll find articles related to human rights management, such as global trends, the importance of due diligence and the integration of performance management of human rights into business practice.
In impact and ROI assessments & investment impact index: social and impact investors will find articles about best practice and measuring the impact and return on investment of development and investment programmes and interventions.
In social capital and social value you’ll find articles about how to measure social capital, what it is, as well as how social innovation contributes to social value.
In social innovation you’ll find arguments for a change to proactive social innovation instead of reactive corporate social responsibility. You’ll also find articles about social innovation strategies, shared value, innovative development and business practices, trends and sustainability.
In stakeholder management you’ll find articles with advice on how to conduct stakeholder engagement, develop stakeholder management plans, and mitigate and reduce operational risk through effective engagement. You’ll also find information on trends in stakeholder reporting and communication, as well as how to overcome challenges in stakeholder engagement.

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