Fighting for survival – an uncertain future for the humanitarian sector

The humanitarian sector is grappling with an uncertain future. Not only is there less money to go around, the sector is becoming more crowded and competitive and funders are looking for greater innovation with new models and ways of thinking.This is putting unprecedented pressure on NGOs and many experts believe that NGOs as we know them are on the brink …

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Towards 2030: Redesigning the future of humanitarian sector

Increased complexityThere is no doubt as the world changes, so we will have to reimagine the way philanthropy, grantmaking and corporate social investment is conducted. An intimidating range of forces—globalization, a changing ecosystem, economic crisis, and ubiquitous connective technologies, to name just a few—are changing both what social investors is called upon to do and how philanthropists, grantmakers, donors and …

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2020: A New Dawn for the corporate social investment and development sector

Challenging TimesThe continuing economic crises have forced corporate social investors, grant-makers, donors and philanthropists to reconsider their contributions to society and social purpose organisations as well as their investment and development strategies. This refocus and reconsideration is compounded by increased expectations around transparency, accountability and questions have been asked regarding the effectiveness of grants, donations and corporate social investments. In …

2018 CSI trends, forecasts and impacts – research report

The growth of impact investors and in particular social enterprises, owned and headed up by innovative and brave young social entrepreneurs, combined with corporate social investors’ focus on enterprise development, provided the perfect mix for a blend of financial investments and instruments.

2018 CSI trends, forecasts and impacts – presentation

The days of funding out of a moral or compliance imperative are over; instead, development financing is seen as a good investment, providing valuable returns and commercial opportunity, while contributing to positive and sustainable development.

2016 CSI trends, forecasts and impacts – presentation

This presentation follows on previous (2013,2014,2015) presentations and provides an overview of the latest trends as well insight into the future for social, community investment and development practitioners in South Africa.

2015 Trend forecast – presentation

2015 trends and forecasts corporate social investment and community development from Next Generation Consultants: Reana Rossouw