The perceptions of funders and grantmakers: Do you care?

Funders/donors and grantmakers are well-known for their ability to critically evaluate development organisations and intermediaries.  This due diligence forms an important part of the funding cycle.  The main reasons for conducting these critical assessments are to ensure that the organisation: Is credible and a registered entity. Complies with specific governance issues such as board oversight and local legislation. Has the …

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Grantmaking – getting it right: indicators to measure success

Generally, grantmakers pay considerable attention to what they fund (grantmaking strategy and impact) and who they fund (the grantees, organisations and intermediaries they support). But what about the management practice of funding? In our experience, grantmakers should pay equal attention to how grants are made and managed, evaluating and continually improving the practices used to make grants. Practices matter. Grantmaking …

2015 Trend forecast – presentation

2015 trends and forecasts corporate social investment and community development from Next Generation Consultants: Reana Rossouw

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Measuring impact and return on investment

How to measure the impact and return on investment of social/community investment and development. This presentation contains evidence of successful measurement and provides case studies of typical measurement aspects.