Dominant grantmaking trends in 2017: Assessing the year so far

Like any business or personal relationship, successful grantmaking is essentially about savvy expectation management. Whether it be the expectations of policymakers and strategists, social investors, donors and funders, beneficiaries, volunteers or any other stakeholders that we manage, to facilitate best practices and optimal outcomes it is essential that we strive to set up CSI and social innovation models that (to …

2016 CSI trends, forecasts and impacts – presentation

This presentation follows on previous (2013,2014,2015) presentations and provides an overview of the latest trends as well insight into the future for social, community investment and development practitioners in South Africa.

Trends in social and community development: Major implications for practitioners

The following provides insight into research conducted and follows on previous work presented (in 2013, 2014 and 2015). The aim of this research is to understand how the practice of community/social investment and development changes over time and how it influences the work of practitioners.  This year we have done extensive work to understand: The impact of climate change on investment …

2015/16 Impact assessments: Lessons learned – presentation

This presentation follows on our previous work from measuring the impact and return on investment of social, community, enterprise development programs. This presentation provides evidence of our work, our methodology and the impact that we measure of development practices. Our impact assessment methodology was developed for Africa, by Africa and is aimed at practitioners from both the investment and development fraternity.

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2014/2015 Trends in corporate social investment and development

Introduction and backgroundOver the past 10 years, Next Generation has analysed, reviewed, tracked and commented on the trends in the corporate community and social investment and development sector across Africa and South Africa.  Over this time, the quality and quantity of CSI development programmes have certainly improved. More investors and donors realise not only the strategic advantage that can be …

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The future of CSI – moving from ‘lite’ to ‘deep’

he following research findings focus on the future of corporate social investment (CSI) and include social change, governance and accountability, innovation and standardisation of CSI. This research was undertaken with a view to considering possible future scenarios, stimulating debate and providing a context for current social and community development models. While there are a number of valuable lessons from the …