Sharing your impact story with funders

How to build a story of impact to share with funders and stakeholders.Download the report

Harnessing the power of the youth – the next generation of philanthropists

Philanthropy can play a significant role in constructing an enabling environment and effecting positive change by helping to integrate youth into society, strengthening their employability and citizenry, and thus empowering them to lead the lives they choose.Download the report

Future trends and scenarios for the humanitarian ecosystem

Disruption is required for us to transition to a more effective system.Download the report

A disrupted future

From here to there – and everything in between.Whether you are in health, education, youth, disability, empowerment, capacity building – it does not matter! • What will the sector look like post Covid?Download the report

Community engagement 101

Presentation regarding stakeholder management for community relations, investment and development practitioners.

2015/16 Impact assessments: Lessons learned – presentation

This presentation follows on our previous work from measuring the impact and return on investment of social, community, enterprise development programs. This presentation provides evidence of our work, our methodology and the impact that we measure of development practices. Our impact assessment methodology was developed for Africa, by Africa and is aimed at practitioners from both the investment and development fraternity.

Understanding social capital

Presentation delivered to MBA students about the importance of social capital. What it is, how to measure it, case studies and applications. How it is different to other capitals and what is happening in the field.