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Training on request and public training courses:

Our 2018 training calendar focuses on the following master class subject areas:

  • Stakeholder engagement and management
  • Human rights management
  • Strategic social investment (previously part of CSI)
  • Monitoring, evaluation, impact and return on investment assessment (previously part of CSI)

Contact Reana Rossouw at +27 11 593 2316 or to discuss your options.

Stakeholder management

This master class is particularly aimed at professionals who are responsible for corporate affairs, or specific stakeholder groups such as investor relations, community/labour relations, government relations, public/customer/supplier or employee engagement. The course is aimed at entry-level managers as well as seasoned communication practitioners.

Human rights management

This master class is aimed at people working in the fields of risk management, compliance, corporate affairs, procurement and supply chain management. It is also applicable to people with responsibility for sustainability, social impact, community development and human rights across industry sectors. It will assist participants to identify human rights-related risks and improvement opportunities for their operations and business relationships, and to develop solutions and approaches for their business. Human rights practitioners may have a dedicated focus from strategy and policy development to due diligence across stakeholders and value chains, and/or have to report on human rights practices.

Strategic social investment

The strategic social investment master class focuses extensively on strategic, operational and programmatic aspects (developing a strategy and supporting operational aspects such as programme design, management and implementation as well as an introduction to monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment).

This master class is an intensive two-day learning experience designed to help individual grantmakers and their foundations develop or refine a strategic lens to social investment and development and leverage improved programme results for deeper impact. By defining strategic and systemic social investment and reviewing existing models and tools for strategy development and implementation, this course is relevant to practitioners who want to innovate, create shared value and ensure inclusive development.

Monitoring, evaluation, impact and return on investment assessment

The goal of this master class is to provide an overview of the basic principles and methodologies for programme monitoring, evaluation, impact and return on investment assessment, with emphasis on practical application for social or impact investors and grantmaking practitioners.

The course provides concrete conceptual frameworks for mixed methods use (qualitative as well as quantitative) in programme monitoring and evaluation. Methodological and implementation challenges as well applications in programme assessment, impact, development and overall implementation are discussed.


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The exact venue will be confirmed as soon as attending numbers are confirmed.

Additional information

  • We require a minimum of 10 participants and limit the size to a maximum of 30 participants.
  • All discussions and case studies will be treated as confidential.
  • The master class could be customised for inhouse or specialised industry events.

Contact Reana Rossouw at +27 11 593 2316 or for costs and registration form.


About Next Generation

For the past 15 years, Next Generation has assisted numerous grantmaking organisations, development agencies, foundations and trusts to develop, manage and measure high impact and high social investment strategies and programmes. As specialised and experienced management consultants, we strongly believe in contributing to the capacity of the development sector.

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